November is National Caregivers Month

I posted this last year and it seems appropriate for this year, so I reposted for National Caregivers Month.

Just recently, I had an elderly friend pass away. As an outsider, I had the opportunity to witness the best of a family pulling together with their love to honor their dad, grandpa, uncle, and friend to everyone he knew. From the beginning, this family had all their eggs in a row. How impressed I was with the willingness to work together and make sure there was always someone available to help with his needs. The meaning of caregiver and advocate was never more evident than with the actions of this family. My friend never had to worry for anything. The family took care of his medical appointments, hiring professional staff as needed, monitoring and keeping up with his health issues. They gave him reassurance, love and patience to make sure his final years were peaceful, filled with family and friends. I commend this family for their untiring love. I say goodbye to a good friend. April 27, 2013

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