Caregiver Sanity

Caregivers have a large impact on the health of the elderly they care for and the eventual outcome of the care. Caring for our loved ones can be overwhelming, as it becomes such an integral part of our focus. We feel exhausted and sometimes resentful when it begins to take over our lives. When caregivers stress over their loved one’s care, it puts pressure on their own health.
We forget to take time for ourselves to decompress. Maintaining your health and sanity is essential to moving forward. Slow down and partake in something rare as a caregiver……living in the moment.
Take a break and spend a day just for you. Relax, take in a movie, or find a local coffee house to sit and sip your favorite cup of coffee or tea and read a magazine or your favorite book. Using other family members or friends, helps reduce stress. You cannot do this alone and you need to ask for help. Remember, it is important to connect with others via support groups, online conversations, newsletters, blogs, and family groups’ events. You are not alone.
If you know a caregiver, offering an outlet to caregivers to express themselves is productive for both the caregiver and the elder. They need liberation from the daily pressures. Having the support and understanding to help with the daily stress that come with this new role is important in keeping one’s sanity.