What it feels like to be an interesting teaching opportunity | The BMJ

Ruth Tapp describes what it feels like for the patient to be the subject of bedside teaching I was walking home one afternoon when I suddenly experienced an excruciatingly sharp pain in my chest, which got worse over the next few hours. That night I found it impossible to find a position I could sleep in—lying flat felt like my chest was being crushed in a vice. By the next morning the pain had radiated into my back, left shoulder, neck, and arm. Finally I called an ambulance. Initially, tests focused on my heart function, which seemed to be fine, so it seemed likely I was going to be told I’d pulled a muscle, given some ibuprofen, and told to go home and lie down—if my chest x ray was fine I’d be free to go. Unfortunately it …

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What to Do When Your Male Loved One Refuses Help — OurParents Blog

Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center dedicated to research and education, recently launched an educational campaign called “MENtion It.” As part of this campaign, they conducted a national survey, which found that a majority of men do not discuss their health with their loved ones and do not get annual checkups to discuss…

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Managing your new role of caregiver

As a navigator, I provide services for older clients with major health issues. I help families with support in the overall medical/healthcare process. I came to understand the need for a healthy caregiver relationship with the patient while working in a nursing home. I also saw many families not capable of the tremendous task ahead of them while caring for their aging parent. The care of an aging parent with major life changing decisions along with aging issues is a difficult situation to find yourself.

This is what drives me to change things for the better. My goal is teaching families how to take care of themselves as they take care of their parent. Having support and understanding from others with this new role is important in keeping your sanity. My mission is to insure the best possible care for the aging parent while working with their families in managing their new role of caregiver.